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Islam capitalism and the weber thesis

islam capitalism and the weber thesis

this worldly ascetic ethic is crucial in the emergence of modern capitalism. Max Weber, in particular, was not interested in Islam as a religion as such; his focus was on the Islam, that was antithetical to capitalism. Thus juxtaposed against relevant facts of Islamic economic life it appears that the Islamic society clearly fulfilled at least one of the Weberian prerequisites, that is, commercialization of economic life. To test this thesis Weber went about an experimental cross-cultural comparison of civilizations to discover whether these factors were present and whether a causally dominant ethic was absent. Weber was also unable to recognize the social solidarity of Islamic cities which focussed on the law schools and criminal groups.

But available evidence indicates that at least some of the better-off Muslim countries are capable of running modernizing economy, reasonably permeated by appropriate technology. The analysis of patrimonialism was linked with the emergence of a military bureaucracy under the Umayyads and its perfection under the Ottomans. Most Islamicists would agree with. This type of financial and political structure depended on the conquest of new lands which were then exploited to maintain central bureaucracy.

The third section situates the Weberian construct of Islam vis-à-vis contemporary Islam. In the first place, for reasons of his perfunctory approach Weber glossed over urban and commercial aspects of the early as well as later Islamic society. But evidentially this is a fallacy. The content of the religious message was transformed into a set of values compatible with the mundane needs of this warrior group. In attitudinal terms Islam appeared to Weber in a purely hedonistic spirit, especially towards women, luxuries and property.

Abstract: This article evaluates Max Weber s overall analysis of Islam. Despit e his efforts. Keywords: Capitalism; interpretive sociology; Islamic culture; Max Weber;. Islam, capitalism and the Weber Theses. Research on Weber has typically concentrated on his analysis of capitalism.